EMIC Electrical Measuring Joint Stock Company is a leading enterprise in Vietnam in the field of manufacturing Electrical Measuring Equipment with EMIC brand key products such as: AC induction meter; Multifunctional electronic meter; Current transformer...

EMIC brand electrical measuring products are manufactured by a team of highly skilled workers with many years of experience in the field of electrical equipment. EMIC's 1-phase and 3-phase mechanical meter products are well-known in the market with millions of meters installed on Vietnam's power grid. Currently, EMIC has successfully researched and manufactured electronic meter products ...

Design, manufacture, sales and repair of single-phase and three-phase electric metering equipment (with direct and alternating current): mechanical meters, single phase electronic meters and three-phase multifunctional , single or multi tariffs, communicate via RF, PLC, GPRS ..., medium voltage transformers (CT, PT) up to 40.5kV; low voltage current transformers, Voltmeter and Ammeter, electrical cabinets at all voltage levels: low voltage, medium and high voltage.

Production capacity
  • Total factory surface area: 80,000 m2
  • Location: Dai Dong - Hoan Son Industrial Park, Tien Du District, Bac Ninh Province
  • Productivity: 2.5 million products / year (2 shifts / day).
  • Number of workshops: 02 workshops (120 x 40 meters) and 01 factory with 2 floors (120 x 40 meters).
  • Equipment capacity of production line:
  • 02 Automatic high speed corrugated iron winding machine (automatically processing corrugated iron core according to the design to ensure dimensional accuracy).
  • 03 Corrugated iron furnace system (automatically operated in a vacuum to restore magnetization circuit properties, ensuring the quality of corrugated iron core after annealing) .- 15 Automatic winding machine system (ensure the number of main wire loops body).
  • 02 Vacuum epoxy casting equipment (using static mixing technology of Hedrich in Germany).
  • Central control computer unit (temperature control of materials, molds, casting chambers ...) ....

The projects

Vision - Mission - Core values

VISION: EMIC aims to become a pioneer brand in the field of electrical measuring instruments applied intelligent technology in Vietnam.

MISSION: EMIC is committed to providing domestic customers with products and solutions of smart electricity metering with high quality applied advanced technology.
CORE VALUES: Technology: EMIC is always aware that technology brings difference and superior value to EMIC's products and technical solutions ....